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'Home' is a graphic novella telling the inspiring story of two children sent to an orphanage who find a way home again with help along the way. Artistic and captivating, let this story take you on an an eye-opening journey. 'Home' features hand-inked cartoons by Cambodian artist Sao Sreymao.


I was captivated by the vibrant brushwork of Sao Sreymao, which literally draws you in to the lives of the characters and brings the complex web of issues unfolded in the text to vivid and unforgettable life. You must read this book... These words and pictures may help you refocus on how to really make young Cambodian lives better, by enabling children to stay with their families.

Sebastien Marot
Founder and International Director
Friends International


As an Ethiopian adoptee, I’m in awe of this heartfelt and insightful book which humanizes children living in orphanages, explains the advantages of reuniting families, and honors the first families who would keep their children if only they had some basic support.

Aselefech Evans
Writer, Lost Daughters (thelostdaughters.com)


It speaks directly and powerfully to the heart, with an important message about what HOME really means. Allow the tale of these vulnerable children to sink in. Truly an important work.

Craig Greenfield
Founder and Director
Alongsiders International


'Home' provides a strong and needed message to the world that permanent and healthy families immersed in their communities, not institutions or handouts, are what children need to fully develop their God-given skills, talents, and gifts so that they can flourish and thrive in their communities.

Philip Darke
Co-Author of In Pursuit of Orphan Excellence
and President of Providence World

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